HY-Swap is a free exchange of infant, children’s and maternity clothing, gear and toys, presented by a group of local parents in the spring and fall. The items donated are from the local community, for the local community.

We are dedicated to sharing and circulating items in good condition within the community, providing savings for local families and reducing waste.



HY-Swap in the News!

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Want to join the fun?

 HY-Swap is an all-volunteer operation, so if you are interested in helping to sort, set-up, host, or breakdown, Contact us!  Benefits of volunteering include a lot of fun and mom camaraderie, plus an opportunity to pick a few items during sorting....... 

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***HY-Swap FAQs***


*When Can I drop off items?*

We accept goods donations beginning 5-6 weeks before the next swap. Drop site info is sent to subscribers & the HNParents list. If you would like to know the drop-site locations, please email us.

*Can I drop off unsorted stuff during the open drop off period?*

YES-ish! We ask that you rough sort your items into four categories: Gear, Clothes, Toys and Books. We'll sort it out from there! HY-Swap  understands that parents may have great ambitions of organizing all surplus items, but who has time? HY-Swap volunteers will do it! 


We can NOT accept item donations at the event (other than the donations for the Greater DC Diaper Bank)-only during the open drop off period!

Please put your donations in a plastic bags or boxes. We love paper bags for environment but they just end up ripping too easily. 

*So I just drop things off on someone's front porch? Do I need to schedule it?*

Yes, you can just drop items off anytime during the donation period and there is no need to schedule anything. 

Please do not bring items to donate to the swap (other than the donations for the Greater DC Diaper Bank).

Main Event

*What time is the HY-Swap?*


*Where do I go?* 

Hyattsville Municipal Building (4310 Gallatin Street), First Floor

Multi-purpose Room, and check out our large tent outside for overflow large items (think strollers, furniture, high chairs, cribs).  Plan to park in the lot at the building (except for the spots marked Reserved for Hyattsville Police), or in the lot across Gallatin to the south (Lot 4), or in the lot by Franklins across Route 1 (Lot 1). Here's a handy parking map: http://www.hyattsville.org/DocumentCenter/View/3569

**We ask that you leave strollers and other large items outside in our "Stroller Parking Lot" so there is room to move around inside.**


All Hyattsville residents, families, and friends are invited to 'shop' the swap first, and then we open up to the general public. Times and schedule posted a month before the next swap.


*What HAPPENS at the SWAP?*

Browse the pop-up boutique and take any items that will be useful to you and your family.


*What is at the swap?* 

We have clothing, toys and gear for all age ranges.  Toys and books for infant through young readers, lots of gear and supplies for infants and young children, maternity and post-partum, and tons of clothes for kids of all ages and maternity. The quantity of items in each category depends on the donations we receive for that event.

*Think your kids are too old for swap goods?* 

We have clothing for infants, toddler, kids and juniors sizes.  Need shoes? We typically have more pairs than we can count in all sizes. We also have school uniform separates (e.g. white button down shirts, khaki pants). Looking for books? We get hundreds of books each HY-Swap......


*Do I need to get there when the doors open to get anything good?*

Yes, if you are looking for any specific items or sizes. We can only put out the donations we have been given so your best chance at getting items is to be there early.

*Is it FREE?*

Yes, the swap is free. Cash donations are optional, and help pay for supplies. However, we can NOT accept item donations (other than the donations for the Greater DC Diaper Bank) at the event!

*What should I bring?* 

You, a friend, and a big bag, or just you, make friends, and we have plenty of bags for you to fill. Please bring diapers and sanitary items, which we are collecting for the Greater DC Diaper Bank. But, please do not bring other goods donations to the swap.

*Do I have to GIVE in order to TAKE?*

Nope! The spirit of the HY-SWAP is to support the community and pay it forward - take what you need now, and if you have items to give at future swaps, great! Donations are from the local community, for the local community. 

*What HAPPENS with the SURPLUS stuff?*

HY-Swap donates to local charities that provide services to area families in need. Some off-season items are held for the next swap.