It's the giving season! 

We strive to keep our costs down and ensure that the event is always free for participants, but did you know that it costs around

$1,200 per HY-Swap to run? Think of all those amazing finds you scored over the years. How much have you saved? Donations at every level help to keep our organization running!

donations will help us pay for:
Storage- $150 per month or

$1800 for the year
Moving Truck Rental-$300 per swap
Moving Boxes-$50
Packing Tape- $20
New HY-Swap Banner- $100
HY-Swap Volunteer Tee Shirt-$25 


Donate Today
Donate $50 or more and we'll send you a HY-Swap Shirt!


Our Spring HY-Swap will be April 25, 2020. 

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                              Swap Basics!
Step 1. Sign in at the event
Step 2. Take Bag
Step 3. Fill Bag
Step 4. Repeat Steps 2 & 3, as needed! Take big items
right to your car!
This is a free event, cash donations are welcome and help cover costs. We 
can not accept donations at the event. Please contact us with questions. 


Where do I go? 

Hyattsville Municipal Building (4310 Gallatin Street), First Floor

Multi-purpose Room, and check out our large tent outside for overflow large items (think strollers, furniture, high chairs, cribs).  Plan to park in the lot at the building (except for the spots marked Reserved for Hyattsville Police), or in the lot across Gallatin to the south (Lot 4), or in the lot by Franklins across Route 1 (Lot 1). Here's a handy parking map:

**We ask that you leave strollers and other large items outside in our "Stroller Parking Lot" so there is room to move around inside.**

Do I have to GIVE in order to TAKE? 

Nope! The spirit of the HY-Swap is to support the community and pay it forward - take what you need now, and if you have items to give at future swaps, great! Donations are from the local community, for the local community. 

Is it free? 

Yes, the swap is free, but we welcome cash donations to help cover our costs.

Learn about HY-Swap!
For more HY-Swap information, to donate or to volunteer, 
send us a note from the Contact page.