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HY-Swap will be back in October 2024! Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered and attended the Spring Swap!

¡HY-Swap volverá en octubre de 2024! ¡Gracias a todos los que donaron, se ofrecieron como voluntarios y asistieron al Spring Swap!

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HY-Swap Basics!
Step 1. Sign in at the event
Step 2. Take Bag
Step 3. Fill a Bag
This is a free event, cash donations are welcome and help cover costs. 

*What is HY-SWAP?* 

It is a FREE Community Exchange of Infant, Children’s and Maternity Clothing, Gear and Toys, presented by a group of local parents and families in the spring and fall.

*Where do I go?*

Hyattsville Municipal Building (4310 Gallatin Street), First Floor

Multi-purpose Room, and check out our large tent outside for bigger kid items, toys and more.  Plan to park in the lot at the building (except for the spots marked Reserved for Hyattsville Police), or in the lot across Gallatin to the south (Lot 4), or in the lot by Franklins across Route 1 (Lot 1). Here's a handy parking map:

**We ask that you leave strollers and other large items outside in our "Stroller Parking Lot" so there is room to move around inside.**


*How is this HY-Swap different from previous swaps?*

Over the past few years, we have held drop-off and the Swap on the same day. For the Spring 2024 Swap, we hope to start to get back to our drop-off and sorting model we had prior to the COVID pandemic. This time around we will be collecting donations on porches throughout Hyattsville and hosting sorting parties throughout the month of April. The HY-Swap event will then be held on Saturday, May 4.

*Can I donate larger items like car seats, bouncers, etc?*

Yes but no large items (highchairs, cribs, mattresses, etc) for this HY-Swap. We are asking folks to only donate small-medium items.You can donate lots of bags and small boxes of items but no larger items please. Please bring your medium size items (carseats, bouncers, etc.) to the Swap on May 4th from 9-10am to drop the items off. 

*Can I donate items? Where do I go? *

We will be accepting items from April 8-28 at drop site locations around Hyattsville. Please email HY-Swap for the locations. 

Please feel free to drop your items on the porches at these addresses, and the Hy-Swap community volunteers will take it from there! We do ask that you pre-sort your items and note that we will not be accepting any large items (high chairs, cribs, mattresses, etc).

*Can I drive up and drop off donations?*

We will be accepting donations from April 8-28th but NO donations will be accepted at the HY-Swap event.

*What safety precautions are being taken since COVID is still around?*

As safety is a priority, we ask that you register for one of the shopping times in advance to limit crowding. This event reaches many families with small children, so please wear your masks and social distance. Extra masks will be available at the event for those that need one.

*Do I have to GIVE in order to TAKE? *

Nope! The spirit of the HY-Swap is to support the community and pay it forward - take what you need now, and if you have items to give at future swaps, great! Donations are from the local community, for the local community. 

*Is it free? *

Yes, the swap is free, but we welcome cash donations to help cover our costs. We suggest a $15 donation per family.

*Is there a limit on how much I can take?*

Because we never know the volume of donations we'll receive, we are asking everyone to take up to two reusable grocery-sized bags of items. You are more than welcome to come back at the end of the Swap and take as much as you'd like at that time but we want to ensure that as many folks as possible have access to the donations. 

For more HY-Swap information, to donate or to volunteer
send us a note from the Contact page.
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