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Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated and attended the Fall 2023 HY-Swap! We had over 500 families register for the event and over 450 attended! See you all in Spring 2024.

¡Gracias a todos los que se ofrecieron como voluntarios, donaron y asistieron al HY-Swap de otoño de 2023! 
¡Tuvimos más de 500 familias registradas para el evento y más de 450 asistieron! Nos vemos a todos en la primavera de 2024.

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HY-Swap Basics!
Step 1. Sign in at the event
Step 2. Take Bag
Step 3. Fill a Bag
This is a free event, cash donations are welcome and help cover costs. 

*What is HY-SWAP?* 

Community Exchange of Infant, Children’s and Maternity Clothing, Gear and Toys, presented by a group of local parents in the spring and fall.


*How is this HY-Swap different from previous swaps?*

For October 2023 Swap, there will be a one-day donation dropoff and sorting party on Saturday, Sept. 30th at the Hyattsville Elementary School. Folks will need to drop their gently used items off pre-sorted into sizes and categories on Sept. 30th only. You can then sign up to volunteer here.  Volunteers are allowed to take one bag of items once their volunteer shift is done in appreciation of their time. 

*Can I donate larger items like car seats, bouncers, etc?*

Yes but no large items (highchairs, cribs, mattresses, etc) for this HY-Swap. We are asking folks to only donate small-medium items.You can donate lots of bags and small boxes of items but no larger items please.

*Can I donate items? Where do I go? *

Yes, however we will only accept donations on Saturday, Sept. 30th, from 10:00am-2:00pm at Hyattsville Elementary School.

*Can I drive up and drop off donations?*

Yes! You can walk or drive up to drop off donations from 10am-2pm on Saturday, Sept. 30th, at Hyattsville Elementary School.

*What safety precautions are being taken since COVID is still around?*

As safety is a priority, we ask that you register for one of the shopping times in advance to limit crowding. This event reaches many families with children, so please wear your masks and social distance. Extra masks will be available at the event for those that need one.

*Do I have to GIVE in order to TAKE? *

Nope! The spirit of the HY-Swap is to support the community and pay it forward - take what you need now, and if you have items to give at future swaps, great! Donations are from the local community, for the local community. 

*Is it free? *

Yes, the swap is free, but we welcome cash donations to help cover our costs. We suggest a $15 donation per family.

*Is there a limit on how much I can take?*

Because we never know the volume of donations we'll receive, we are asking everyone to take up to two bags of items. You are more than welcome to come back at the end of the Swap and take as much as you'd like at that time but we want to ensure that as many folks as possible have access to the donations. 

For more HY-Swap information, to donate or to volunteer
send us a note from the Contact page.
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